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Thanks, Spring Creek, for the memories...

Spring Creek School Alumni


Dedicated to:

the founders--
   for their vision;
the principals--
   for their dedication;
the teachers--
   for their instruction;
our parents--
   for their undying love.
Items are now being auctioned on FaceBook.  Items that Spring Creek Alumni grew up with, worked hard for, took pride in and cherished, have been stripped from the halls and walls of this 115 year old historical monument that shaped, encouraged and inspired hundreds of young lives. 

Items have been photographed and posted on the Spring Creek Alumni FaceBook page. There is an online auction to give Alumni the opportunity to purchase the class pictures that were in the halls, and trophies from the trophy cases.  Bids are to be placed  underneath each picture in the comment box. When the auction closes....the last comment (bid) will win that item. 

This FaceBook page is a closed group, so you must first, have a FaceBook account, then you must be be invited by a friend who is a member of the Spring Creek Alumni group. Find a "Crawdad" on FaceBook and ask them to "friend" you on the Alumni page.

A page in the history book of our past, and a glimpse of who we have become.
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Class Photos
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